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The best-in-class range of Manual Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine, Automatic Sanitary Napkins Incinerator Machine, Metal Storage Wall Mounted Shoe Rack, etc. is available here!

About Us

We, A.B.S. Engg. Industries have created a unique yet reputed position in the market with our passion for creating something valuable for clients in the form of wide variety of products, ranging from Modern Storage Cabinet Shoe Rack to Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and 3 Layer Modern Storage Cabinet Shoe Rack to Automatic Sanitary Napkins Incinerator Machine. Being a reliable manufacturer, we have kept innovation and continuous improvement as the key parameters, i.e., at the center of our business operations. With the support of these parameters, we have been climbing ladders of success at a rapid pace just within a year of our establishment.

In order to manage each and every activity of our company in an efficient manner, we have hired a team of experts. These experts invest their time, knowledge and experience to produce an extensive gamut of product that are high on quality. Also, it is passion and dedication of our Proprietor, Mr. Ajay Veer Singh, under whose guidance our team is working wonders. People working for us possess special skills and are experts of their respective domains.

Our Backbone - Research and Development

Research and development departments is directly connected to product innovation. Backed by strong R&D, a business leads to long-term vision of success. For the same reason, we keep investing on our research and development department, which enables our company to earn more profits through product innovation. However, the success of our company is not only limited to the product innovation but modern business strategies too. By incorporating and managing our R&D activities with extra care, we are achieving tremendous gains at all the aspects of our business. Therefore, we also treat our research and development department as our backbone.

Reasons To Choose Us

Following are the reasons that make us a trustworthy company-
  • Pricing structure- By using modern production techniques, we not only minimize the production cost but also sales cost of our 3 Layer Modern Storage Cabinet Shoe Rack and Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine.
  • Business ethics- We carry out our business operations on the grounds of morality and achieve a competitive edge over other business entities.
  • Assured quality- At our company, we well-maintain the quality standards by strictly following industrial quality measures.

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